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Mills of the Wandle

Notes on the Wandle Mills

Wandle Mills MapLocal researcher Peter McGow (he insists he is not a historian, but we can't see the difference) has been kind and generous enough to deposit with us his Notes on the Mills of the Wandle.

We are happy to publish these here. They set out the 42 sites (and 7 ancillary non mill sites) where a mill, or group of mills, stood and was worked by the waters of the Wandle

We can now test our standard list of the industries of the Wandle:





  • Corn
  • flour
  • fulling
  • dyewood/Brasil wood
  • gunpowder
  • copper
  • oil/oilseed,
  • leather
  • paperboard
  • chocolate
  • iron
  • paint
  • varnishes
  • oilcloth
  • fireworks
  • snuff
  • felt and fibre
  • calico
  • cloth printing
  • brewing/beer
  • cress/watercress
  • lavender
  • herbs

Peter's notes are dated to 2005.

© Peter McGow, March 2005, And The Wandle Industrial Museum

To view information on the individual mills click on the links below.
Please note Adobe Reader X is needed to be able to view these documents

Area/Mill McGow Reference
Beddington Corner  
Calico Beddington Corner  1/21
Corn Mill Beddington Corner 1/20
Drug Mills 1/19
Leather Mill Goats Bridge 1/22
Wandle Tannery Goats Bridge 1/23
Beddington Mill 1/5
Cloth Mill, Carshalton 1/14
Grove Mill 1/11
High Street Mill 1/8
Lower Mill, Carshalton 1/13
Mitcham Mill, Carshalton 1/24
Paper Mill, Carshalton 1/10
Snuff Mill, Carshalton 1/12
The Culvers 1/16
Upper Mill, Carshalton 1/9
Barracks Croydon 1/2
Croydon Palace 1/1
Hackbridge Mills 1/15
Amery Mill 2/34
Merton Abbey 2/32
Merton Bridge 2/36
Merton Mill 2/35
Morris Works 2/33
Logwood Mill, Mitcham 2/25
Mitcham Mills (Later Grove Mill and Crown Mill) 2/27
Phipps Bridge  2/31
Ravensbury Calico Printing Works 2/28
Willow Lane, Mitcham 2/26
Morden Hall Snuff Mills 2/30
Ravensbury Mill 2/29
Waddon Malt Mill 1/3
Waddon Mill 1/4
Calico Wallington Bridge 1/7
Mill Green Wallington 1/18
Rushy Meadow 1/17
Wallington Bridge 1/6
Adkins Mill 2/43
Calico Wandsworth 2/46
Duntshill Mills 2/40
Dye Works Garrett Lane Wandsworth 2/44
Dye Works High Street Bridge Wandsworth 2/47
Garrett Lane 2/42
Garrett Mill 2/39
Kimber Road 2/41
Lower Mill, Wandsworth 2/49
Middle Mill, Wandsworth 2/48
Upper Mill, Wandsworth 2/45
Summerstown 2/38
Wimbledon Mill 2/37

Should you need to contact the museum for further information, please quote the McGow reference.