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Our mission is to preserve, store, and interpret the heritage and history of the industries and people of the River Wandle.

Opening Times: Wednesday 1-4pm and Sundays 2-5pm. Closed Bank Holiday Weekends.

Sunday opening may be subject to change. Please check before visiting.

Picture of the month

This picture shows a bridge over the River Wandle where it flowed in the grounds of the Gate House, Merton High Street c.1900. The house was owned by Rear-Admiral Isaac Smith, who sailed with Captain Cook on the Endeavour in 1768.

We welcome pictures from our members, volunteers and the public as our picture of the month. Also follow us on Instagram to see more pictures.

Museum Reopening

Should the Government restrictions, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, be lifted on the 2nd December the museum will be open on the following days in December:
Sunday 5th and 12th December
Wednesday 9th and 16th December
Normal opening will apply Wednesday 1-4pm and Sunday 2-5pm.

Annual General Meeting

The museum is required by its constitution to hold its AGM annually, and under current rules that means within nine months of its financial year end on 31st March. Under our constitution only the Trustees are required to vote. To enable the AGM to take place, in line with our constitution, it will be held by the Trustees on the 3rd December 2020. Whilst this is not our normal AGM event with refreshments and a speaker it will enable us to meet our rules. Members and volunteers will receive all the normal information presented at the AGM prior to the 3rd December.

New Accreditation Mentor

The museum is pleased to announce the appointment of Emma Harper of Welwyn Hatfield Museum Service as our Accreditation Mentor. She has much experience in the museum sector with a wide range of skills and knowledge. We look forward to working with her. Emma replaces Chris Taft of the Postal Museum who worked with the museum for over ten years. We would like to express our thanks to Chris for the excellent work and advise he has given the museum in that time.

Additions to our shop range


      One of our new fridge Magnets                                        One of our new coasters

Ready for Christmas and want something different for a stocking filler or small present we are pleased to announce a number of new items to our shop range. Now available is a range of coasters, new fridge magnets, a Wandle Quiz book, two Wandle Word Search books, Lavender greeting cards and Lavender Water. Check out our shop page.

The museum is pleased to be able to supply copies of the Friends of Mitcham Common 2020 calendar. The calendar includes a number of images of the common including a piano in the woods! It is available at £10 plus £1.50 postage. Local delivery within Mitcham and Morden is free or can be collected from the museum once we reopen. To order the calendars please send a cheque to the museum with your name and address.

New Film and Presentations 

We’ve added some new films and presentations to our You Tube channel . Learn about the Art and Literature of the River Wandle, take a trip to visit William Morris and revisit the River and Cloth project. You can find the full list of titles in our Photo Gallery page

Walk in Lockdown 

If you are missing walking the Wandle Trail then visit the walks we have on the IZI Travel app. These walks can be used when you are physically out and about or be viewed from home. There are three Wandle Trail walks available and another from Merton Heritage Service that covers the mills along the Merton section of the River Wandle. Find these all at IZI Travel).

London Sound Survey 

Missing the sounds of the Wandle? Then why not visit this map from the London Sound Survey and listen to the sounds of the Wandle. Click on the map to be able to access the sounds.

Volunteer Needed 

The museum is looking for a volunteer who has some knowledge and experience in working with Gift Aid. The volunteer will be required to set up the system, make a gift aid claim on behalf of the museum, and show existing volunteers how it works. This may suit someone who is on furlough or someone who is looking for a short term volunteer role. 

For more information e-mail the museum at or telephone 020 8648 0127 and we will get back to you.