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Group Visits

We offer a service for schools and other groups to learn more about the industrial history of the River Wandle through our Outreach Programme. Subject to Museum staff resources being available we are happy to visit your school or meeting place.

The following is available as part of our programme:

Resources for Schools

Aimed at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 we have the following information sheets available for teachers. These are free and may be downloaded as required. The information sheets currently available are:

  1. Natural Resources for Dyeing.
  2. The River Wandle.
  3. Water Wheels and Water Mills.
  4. William Morris in Merton.
  5. History of Textile Printing on the Wandle.
  6. Textiles on the Wandle.

Should you have any questions or require any help then please contact the museum via e-mail or call 020 8648 0127.

Print Workshop

The workshop is about the process of block printing that was used by the calico print works along the River Wandle. This includes the Morris Works and Liberty Print Works.

After viewing a film showing how block printing was done there will be an opportunity to handle original Liberty blocks and the tools used. This will be followed by a talk looking at a selection of patterns and designs produced by the printers. To close the workshop each attendee will have an opportunity to produce they own print using Morris inspired blocks.

Charges are as follows:
Schools            £40 per class.
Groups            £5 per head.


We are able to offer a number of talks. These are given free of charge however we do welcome donations. The range of talks includes:

Mills of the River Wandle

This is an illustrated talk about the mills and industries that used the River Wandle. With around 50 mills and a number of different industries the talk covers over 400 years of history.

Lavender Industries of Mitcham

This is an illustrated talk looking at the lavender industry that was a massive part of Mitcham a hundred years ago. Lavender covered a large part of Mitcham extending into Carshalton.

Brewing along the Wandle Valley

This talk looks at the brewing industry of the Wandle Valley. While Young's is the best known name associated with the Wandle there were many other brewers some which still exist today.

Surrey Iron Railway

This is an opportunity to learn about the country's first public railway. Discover the history of this horse drawn railway and how today you can still trace it route.

Merton Priory

Built over 900 years ago the priory was the richest in Surrey. This talk shows you how the Priory has influenced our lives today.

Ghost Trains of Merton

Learn about the railways that existed over the last 150 years in the Merton area and have now disappeared. Find about their role, purpose and remains.

William Morris

During his lifetime, William Morris was a renowned artist, textile designer, poet, novelist, translator and Socialist pioneer. You can discover more about his life and work from this illustrated talk.

Merton Abbey Mills

With a history that goes back to the early 1700s you will learn about its textile printing past, how it became a hub of fashion for Liberty's of London and how it is used today.

The Calico People

A look at the rise and fall of the River's Calico industries, and the people associated during its 300 year history.

Guided Walks along the River Wandle

These can be arranged to suit your needs. Free of charge we do welcome donations. All walks give you the opportunity to learn more about the river, the mills and how the river has changed over the years. Bring your camera to catch the wildlife and views of the river.

All group visits, talks and walks need to be booked in advance.

Visits can be adapted to the children's/individual's needs and abilities.
Leaders and teachers are encouraged to visit the Museum to discuss their requirements with the Staff. Please telephone the museum on 020 8648 0127 to make an appointment.