Paul bowness memorial garden

The Paul Bowness Memorial Garden - April 03.

The Paul Bowness Memorial Garden - April 03. [Full image 26.1kb]

Visitors to Merton Abbey Mills will have seen the new memorial garden, in honour of Paul Bowness, who died in1998, taking shape over the winter. For those who were not aware of his contributions, we reprint below a copy of his obituary.

The pictures here show the garden as it now is, and it is pleasing to see how it has been adopted already by those who like to sit there to eat their lunches, or just to sit.

Much credit is due to Steve Llewellyn and his friends at Wandle Heritage for their hard work in transforming an eyesore into such an attraction


Chairman of the Wandle Heritage Trust Paul Bowness has died suddenly at his Morden home, aged 55.

Paul Bowness with Steve Llewellyn.

Paul Bowness with Steve Llewellyn. [Full image 26.1kb]

Graphic artist and exhibition designer Mr Bowness - who gave a great deal of his time to local community activities - had been a member of the Wimbledon Society since 1970, serving on its executive, planning and museum committees.

He was a director of the Cannizaro House Trust and from 1977 to 1984 ran the Cannizaro Crafts exhibition.

Mr Bowness was also responsible for staging concerts at Cannizaro House featuring the winners of the Young Musician of the Year competition as well as many professional performers.

For several years Mr Bowness, of Glenthorpe Road, was chairman of Merton Arts Council. As head of the Wandle Heritage Trust his most recent project was the design of a new display for the Wheel House at Merton Abbey Mills.

He also produced the original display panels for the Wimbledon Windmill Museum and was currently working on new exhibits for the proposed ground floor-extension.

Chairman of the Wimbledon Society, Norman Plastow, said: "In spite of many problems in his life he never lost his sense of humour, which was one of his strongest characteristics.

"He was always willing to help in any situation and to make light of the most difficult problems."

Mr Bowness is survived by his wife Janet, son Alexander and daughter Sarah. The funeral took place yesterday at the North East Surrey Crematorium.

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