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Walks and Guides to the River

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A1       An Hour Passed at Merton Abbey.
This is the first in a series of four booklets. Each covers a walk that will take about one hour to complete. This one covers the area around Merton Abbey and takes in the history of a number of places: Wandle Villa, Brunce’s Meadow, The Liberty Site, Merton Priory and Nelson.





An Hour Passes at Mitcham GroveA2       An Hour Passed at Mitcham Grove.
Book two covers the area between Mitcham tram stop and the former Deeds Mill. It takes in The Watermeads, Grove Mill, The Surrey Iron Railway and Eagle Brewery.






An Hour Passed at Morden Hall ParkA3       An Hour Passed at Morden Hall Park.
Book three takes you through the history of the park. It tells you about Morden Hall, Morden Cottage, the snuff mill as well as Deer Park and the farm.






An Hour Passed at Ravensbury ParkA4       An Hour Passed at Ravensbury Park.
The last book takes you into Ravensbury Park from the Manor House, Ravensbury Mill to calico bleaching, the print works and tobacco.






River Wandle Wildlife GuideA5       Set of four ‘An Hour Passed’.
The four books of ‘An Hour Passed’ are available as a set.




Mapping The MillsB1       Mapping The Mills
Discover the River Wandle's industrial heritage with this guide. Includes walks to enable you to trace the sites of the many mills and works on the river.





River Wandle Wildlife GuideB3       River Wandle Wildlife Guide
This guide, written by the wildlife expert Tony Drakeford, shows you and tells about the wide range of wildlife that can be found along the river. It includes the friends and the pests!





River Wandle Wildlife GuideB9   River Wandle Companion
The River Wandle Companion is a comprehensive, full colour guide to all aspects of the Wandle, past and present. It tracks its industrial and social history, the geology and management of the river, its wildlife along with its regeneration from a 1960's open sewer and a step to step guide to the Wandle Trial. The book is full of photographs, early and modern maps and information on importance aspects of the river.
Paperback £10



Mills of the River WandleB10     Mills of the River Wandle
Written by David Saxby this guide not only shows you the locations of the mills that existed along the river but also gives information on the many industries that used them.






Wandle Trail BookB17     Town Trials
This pocket size book takes you through 10 walks around Wimbledon, Merton Park, Morden and Mitcham with information on places of interest and historical importance. Each of the walks last approximately an hour.




B32 On The Wandle
In 'On the Wandle' Dewey Bates, the American artist, takes the reader on a journey along the length of the River Wandle from Beddington to Wandsworth.