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Donations and Funding

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Donations and Funding

We are grateful for the continued support and funding that we receive from the London Borough of Merton.

As a small local museum we are always looking for ways to fund our activities and to improve our displays and our research work. Recent funding application success has seen us install a new computer and new archive cabinets.

We also welcome the donations that we receive. Not only the money that is given by our visitors and members but the various items of interest that are given to the museum to enhance our collection.

One way that individuals can also help the museum is by leaving behind a gift in their last will and testament. Leaving even the smallest amount can greatly support the work of your favourite museum. Did you know that legacies to registered charities are exempt from inheritance tax? If you do decide to leave a legacy to the museum then please let us know so we can acknowledge the wonderful decision that you have made.

The museum is registered with the HMRC for Gift Aid.

We also have our Blue collection boxes which are for home use. These are used to collect your odd coins which you then donate to the museum. The boxes may be obtained from our administrator.

Bequests and Legacy

Many of us over the years collect items that we found interesting or useful. In a lot of these cases the items may be collectable and have some historical interest or value to someone else such as a museum. In most cases the value is not known to our relations. It helps them if you make your wishes known of who and where you would like such items you have to go. The document here Bequests and Legacy will help in making those requests.